Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Year-Old Wedding Cake

We celebrated our anniversary over the weekend. It's been one whole year. It seems like yesterday we were taking our vows. Where does the time go?

The last time we saw our wedding cake, it looked like this. Did we mention we're not exactly traditional?

After a year in the deep freeze, it looked like this. So what if the cake wasn't round any more. It was frozen for 12 months. Please take note of the beautiful anniversary flower arrangement in the background. 

We thawed the top of our wedding cake and enjoyed a slice together. It was pretty good. Not as wonderful as the fresh cake, but much better than expected. The cake was moist and the the icing was still pretty tasty. If anything, it seemed sweeter now than it was on our wedding day. 

This got us thinking, did anyone else keep this tradition alive on your first anniversary? Let us know. If you did, was it still tasty a year later?

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  1. If I remember it right, (keep in mind, our one year anniversary was right after the Earth cooled) we put our's in Michelle's Grandmother's freezer, and she threw it out before our anniversary. Either that, or it tasted terrible and I have tramatic amnesia about the whole thing.

    Congratulations on your 1st of many anniversaries!