Saturday, November 12, 2011

Restaurant Recap: 301 Mongolia

We hardly ever go out to eat these days. We have discovered that we love cooking so much, that given the option, we'd rather stay in and make our own culinary creations.

A few days ago, we actually ventured out with some friends to try out the new 301 Mongolia restaurant in town. Good food, great company - what more could we ask for?

The evening began with cocktails. We tried the Ginger Crush by accident. Our server heard our order incorrectly and when we all said Ginger Crisp, she heard Ginger Crush. We didn't take a picture of the Ginger Crush, and we probably wouldn't order it again. 

The Ginger Crisp, however, was delightful. It's a combination of 3 Olives Vanilla Vodka, ginger liqueur, and a splash of apple juice. It's rimmed with a cinnamon sugar that really adds to the drink. 

As for food, we started out with a couple of appetizers. We had the Shrimp Spring Rolls, which are served with a mango jalapeno dipping sauce. They were quite tasty. The shrimp was cooked well and the dipping sauce was great. The sauce was the consistency of apple sauce. 

We also sampled the Mongolian Nachos. They are deep fried wontons topped with chicken, napa cabbage, wasabi cream, and sweet & spicy peanut drizzle. These were good, however, we didn't realize there was chicken in them until they were almost gone. The wasabi cream was tasty though.

If you've ever been to a Flattop Grill, you know the basic premise of 301 Mongolia. They give you a bowl, you load it up with all of the ingredients you'd like. Top it off with your sauce combinations, choose your meat and hand it over to the chefs. They have recipes available if you need a little help.

The ingredients were extremely fresh. We had a hard time choosing from the wide selection.  There are many different meats and seafood options to choose from as well, including calamari, shrimp, tofu, steak, chicken, and probably more, but we didn't take full inventory. You can also get this wonderful bread that they cook right on the flattop. It's thin and crispy and tasty.

We each chose the udon noodles for our creations, but you can choose from white rice, fried rice, brown rice, rice noodles, or udon noodles.

Overall, the food was great. Assuming you load your bowl up correctly, you get a lot of food. One bowl is $13.95. If you can eat more than one, we salute you. Unlimited bowls are $15.95, plus $2.00 for a to-go box (if you just get one bowl, the to-go box is free).

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