Monday, October 1, 2012

Silicon Spatulas

Between the two of us, we go through a lot of spatulas in the kitchen. We use them constantly. We use them to make eggs, to make any form of batter, to scrape our creations out of the blender. You name it, and we probably use a spatula for it. 

We prefer the silicon spatula. We don't like the ones with the wooden handles, because they can be difficult to clean properly and every once in a while, the scraper will pop off of the wood, rendering the spatula pretty much useless.

We have a couple of KitchenAid spatulas, but our favorite brand has become Zyliss. You can peruse their full line of spatulas here. They have all sorts of fun shapes that are ideal for different uses.

This long skinny one is great for spreading icing or removing purees from the blender. If you're going to be spreading icing inside a pan as opposed on a cake stand, we'd recommend an offset spatula (but that's another blog all together).

This double sided spatula is probably the most used. There are two different sized ends depending on what you need to do. Can't you just imagine the scraping possibilities with this?

This spatula is primarily used for baking. Though, it does come in handy for scrambled eggs from time to time.

Zack likes to use this one for his eggs. The flat bottom works well for him.

You probably don't need to have quite as many spatulas as we do. One or two sturdy spatulas should suffice. Since we use them for just about everything, we like to have plenty on hand. Saves time washing them!

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