Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anybody Out There?

Hi. We should apologize. We've been bad bloggers. Summer has been, well, insanely busy. Aside from the oppressive heat and our lack of desire to turn the oven on, we've barely stopped to test any new recipes. We have been enjoying some of our favorites, like Shoyu Pork, many variations of salads, and about a million different ways to grill chicken breast. 

We have also been fighting with our garden. This year has been so hot and dry, that our garden hasn't done as well as we'd hoped. Yes, we water it every day, but sometimes you just need a good rain! It's amazing how much better the garden reacts to rain than just water from the hose. We have gotten a few radishes and some grape tomatoes. Our herbs are also doing pretty well - the basil for sure.

We'll have some posts coming up, but please bear with us!

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to new posts.

    T in the MJ