Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cookware Protectors

It may seem as though we plug Pampered Chef products a lot. Well, it should seem that way, because we do. We should mention that we are in no way affiliated with Pampered Chef, nor are they soliciting our endorsement of their products in any way. We just love their stuff. And, we write a blog, so we want to share the products that make our culinary lives easier.

That being said, these cookware protectors are amazing! The idea is you slip them in between your non-stick cookware to prevent the edges of the pans from scratching the non-stick coating off. You really shouldn't ingest Teflon. It's bad for you. Good for cooking, bad for eating.

We bought two packages (there's three in a package) of these to put in between our pots and pans. They're really helped us cut down on storage of our cookware and helped us preserve the life of our pans.

There are other brands out there, if you don't (for some reason) like Pampered Chef. We'd recommend picking some up!


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