Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakfast Burritos

Yet again, we weren't originally going to blog about this. It's not a recipe. We didn't take pictures, other than the one above. The reason we decided to write this blog is it's a different way to use left-over ingredients. Well, the eggs aren't left over. We made those fresh.

Anyway, while we normally enjoy cooking for ourselves at home, every so often, we venture out and let someone else cook for us and then pay them for their service. So one night, we headed out for Mexican food. Zack had the Pollo Asado and Michelle had the Carne Azteca. We each had some left over, and brought it home. 

Well, the next morning, we decided to slice the meat up in strips and then heat it in a skillet. Meanwhile, we scrambled some eggs. We lightly seasoned the eggs, because the Azteca sauce had some punch.

After that, we scooped some of each in flour tortillas and breakfast was served.


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