Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Introduction

Hello and welcome to our blog! We're Zack & Michelle - The Amateur Foodies. 

So, why are we writing this blog when there are so many food blogs out there? 

We love all things culinary, but it's not our full time job. We enjoy challenging ourselves in the kitchen and discovering new and exciting flavors. On any given day, we may channel Eric Ripert, Hubert Keller, Mario Batali, Jacques Pepin, Jamie Oliver, Jonathan Waxman or Alton Brown, to name a few of our favorite chefs. Not that we can actually replicate any of their dishes. We don't exactly try either. We do, however, learn techniques and add them to our bag of tricks.

We hope you enjoy spending time with us! We'll share our insights and we hope you'll share yours too.

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  1. Amateur Foodies M&Z

    You have done a terrific job, keep it going, Everyone needs love food.